The information you need to provide when using ocean shipping?

Ocean shipping is a little complicated than the other shipping method, for there will be more documents need to provide, here is a brief introduction about the information you may need to provide or confirm when choosing ocean shipping.


1.  Confirm the B/L to avoid mistakes, mainly about the consignor’s information and consignee’s information, products name, shipping mark and box number. (consignee from America need to provide email box and fax number.)

2.  Consignee from America, Canada, Mexico and Japan need to confirm AMS information, to make sure there are no errors at all.


     Please provide detailed customs broker information.

a.  If the consignee is personal not a company, please provide your local social security number and Passport ID.

b.  If you can’t provide the up-mentioned information, please inform us when placing the order, we will suggest other shipping method for you.

3.  Consignee from America, need to do ISF declaration. We will send the documents to you before shipment, please do the declaration ASAP, otherwise the goods cannot be imported.

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