Knowledge of Stainless Steel Jewelry

1. Difference between silver color and stainless steel original color

Silver Color: 

silver color is more brighter and shining, like picture one

Stainless Steel Color:

Stainless steel color or called stainless steel original color is a little dark and full of metal luster, like picture two.

2.      Difference between hand polish and machine polish

Hand Polishhand polish stainless steel jewelry’ surface is very smooth and delicate especially

the hole position like picture three. Because hand polish item is polished one by one to insure

the uniformity and brightness.

Machine Polish: machine polish stainless steel jewelry’s lead time is short than hand polish but

the item surface is slightly rough ( only a little rough than handmade polish but they are

absolutely qualified). Picture four for your reference.

3.      Is stainless steel harmless?

Yes. Our stainless steel jewelry are all harmless (nickel, lead & cadmium free). Please feel free to order and wear.

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