Jak zmienić adres wysyłki dla mojego nowego zamówienia?

Please kindly check the steps to change address of current orders as below:

1, Please Zaloguj się your account on gets.com;

2, Click “My order” to find the order which need to change address;

3, Click“Modify Shipping Address” under the order, you will open the page as this picture:

4, To revise the address freely and click “Modify” button to submit the new information.  Successful!

5, Kindly notice us after you changed address. In order to avoid any mistake, we will ask our delivery department to pay more attention to this order.

Besides, you also can login your account and open this link to revise the  address for single order: https://www.gets.com/my_order_shipping.php?orders_id=xxxxx(Twój numer zamówienia). It's the page to modify address of single order.

Ps:You can also contact us to change the shipping address of the order

Reminder: The address of sent order can’t be changed again.

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