Pearl Care Guide

Pearls are highly treasured compared with other other gems and precious metals. Therefore, special care is essential. in order to give your pearls a long beauty and luster time. We hope to provide you with special tips for preserving and caring for your precious pearls.


As pearls are a relatively soft gem (3.5-4 on the Mohs hardness scale) Pearls are best stored separate from other jewelry types such as metallic chains or diamonds. If stored together with other jewelry types, there is significant risk that the pearl nacre could be marred due to rough surface contacts. This can be avoided by storing your pearls in a separate jewelry box, soft bag or satin pouch. Pearls can also be sensitive to long periods of heat, resulting in drying and discoloring of the natural nacre. Therefore, never store your pearls in locations such as safety deposit boxes etc.


Cosmetics,perfume and hair spray, which contain chemicals, can dull its luster. It is advisable to put on your pearls afterwards.Sweating also leads to a similar effect. Meanwhile, Lampblack and sweat should be avoided.


If harmful chemicals have come in contact with your pearls, it is appropriate to clean the pearls with water and a very light detergent such as baby soap. Ensure to rinse clean and wipe with dry or moist towel after cleaning. While the pearls are still wet, be sure not to wear them as wet silk strings are more likely to stretch and weaken. Also, the wet silk string will easily attract dirt which is quite difficult to remove.


The string of pearls should be restrung if worn often. The string should be knotted between each to prevent from falling off and from any friction.

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