Rules for Coupon Application and Use

Rules for Coupon Application and Use

Part A, Rules for Coupon Using:

1. Coupons can only be used within the validity period;

2. Coupon cannot be combined; only one coupon may be used per order;

3. One coupon cannot be used on two separate orders;

4. Coupons only can be used for the orders which the total amount (not include shipping cost) must meet the minimum order requirement;

5. Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash;

6. Coupon cannot be transferred to other Gets members or third parties;   

7. Once coupon was applied to the order successfully, cannot be moved to other orders. If needed, please contact with Customer Service for further processing;

Part B, Steps of Coupon Application

Step 1: go to "My Account > My Coupons" page and then enter the cord that you already gotten

Step 2: Check your coupon information

Part C, Steps of Coupon Using

step 1: go to "check out" page

Step 2: check the flowing information and if you have coupons please click the "Modify" button

Step 3: After clicking "Modify" you can see your active coupons. Choose the coupons you want to use and then click " Apply" button. Then please check your coupon fee and total amount carefully:

Step 4: If you have more than one coupon, you can check your coupon information again. Other coupons can be used to new orders with validity period.

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